• Jet Orientation Course (JOC):
The aim of this course is to provide pilots with Jet handling skills in our Full Flight A320 Simulator. For many airlines the completion of a JOC is a mandatory prerequisite to the pilot selection process, this course provides students with the skills to fly a jet airliner as well as preparation for an airline screening process.
  • Entry Requirements:
In order to undertake the course, it is necessary to hold a valid and current EASA Commercial Licence with Multi Engine Instrument Rating and an MCC certificate.
  • Course Duration:
Approximately 3 working days including both theoretical knowledge instruction and simulator practical training.
  • Overview:

-Ground training: 4 hours.
-VPT: 4 hours (2 Sessions)

-FBS: 4 hours (2 sessions)
-FFS: 4 hours (2 sessions)


  • Some of our advantages:
-State of the Art Airbus A320 FFS (STD 1.7) Level D. 99.7% Reliability,
-Type Rating Instructors (TRI) with a very high level of experience and professionalism,
-Each simulator session thoroughly briefed and debriefed, with reports provided for each of them,
-Mock-ups available for self-study,
-Agreements with hotels at special rates, with daily hotel shuttle service.

General Terms & Conditions