• MCC:
The MCC Course has been designed to train single seat pilots in the team skills necessary for the safe operation of complex, multi crew, jet aircraft. During the course the pilot will be introduced to the competencies necessary for this demanding transition. The training will take place throughout all phases of flight under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions.
  • Entry Requirements:
In order to undertake the course, it is necessary to hold a valid and current EASA Commercial Licence with Multi Engine and Instrument Rating.
  • Course Duration:
Approximately 12 working days including both theoretical knowledge instruction and simulator practical training.
  • Overview:

-Ground training: 30 hours (5 days).
-VPT: 8 hours (2 Sessions).

-FBS: 12 hours (3 Sessions).
-FFS: 8 Horas (2 Sessions).

  • Some of our advantages:
-State of the Art Airbus A320 FFS (STD 1.7) Level D. 99.7% Reliability,
-Type Rating Instructors (TRI) with a very high level of experience and professionalism,
-Each simulator session thoroughly briefed and debriefed, with written reports provided.
-Mock-ups available for self-study,
-Agreements with hotels at special rates, with daily hotel shuttle service.

General Terms & Conditions