GTA has introduced a class specific Flight & Navigation Procedure​ Trainer for civilian basic and advanced training on multi engine helicopters.

The system replicates an AS332 / AS532 Super Puma / Cougar helicopter and has been qualified by the Spanish
Aviation Authorities (DGCA) under visual and instrument flight conditions

The FNPT III MCC is equipped with appropriate instrumentation and controls and a class specific flight model.

The environment provides visual scenery with continuous time of day settings, airport lights, wind and cloud layers, visibility and an atmosphere model. The instructor station has an intuitive user interface with malfunctions page, map page and weather page.

The Trainer reduces the cost of the flight training considerably with little investment. Low hourly rates in the FNPT are a cost saving alternative to expensive flight hours. Costs are further reduced by an increased efficiency for a wide range of tasks such as autorotation reflexes, instrument manoeuvre training replacing time consuming real world repositioning or basic flying and hovering familiarisation.

Features of the  FNPT III MCC Helicopter:

o Dual flight controls
o Pilot/Co-Pilot specific instrumentation
o Full autopilot capability with flight director and navigation coupling to VOR. 
o Night scenery with different weather conditions
o AS332 cockpit configuration
o Enclosed instructor station

The System is designed for low infrastructure demands. The setup can be done in standard classroom space.