Airlines training

Global Training Aviation has a complete team of advisors, who are experts in aviation and are experienced in the operations field, ready to find the best solution for the needs of an airline.
• Start up companies.
Operative, legal, and financial guidance, plus the achievement of certificates for new operators and the implementation of operations departments.
• Support for Instruction Departments (TRTO).
Complete support for training and for the establishment of administrative departments. Global Training & Aviation will cover all the needs of the trai-ning for the airline.
• Guidance for the selection of flight personnel and crew
Adjusted to the specific needs of the airline.
Refresher Training.
• Refresher Training
Design and running of refreshment programs that encompass all the requi-red resources.
• Documentation
Global Training & Aviation can assess your organization in specific areas like Flight Security, Program Controls, Adaptation aircrafts JAR-STD,. etc

Global Training & Aviation offers different training courses for pilots for every moment in his career:
•Type Rating Courses
•Transportation and Dangerous Goods
•Crew Resources Management.
•MCC, Multi Crew Co-ordination.
•Safety and Emergency Procedures
•Aeronautical Comunications short and Long distances
•Aeronautical Comunications Long hauls and overseas.
•Navigation programs: BRNAV, RVSM, MNPS, RNP 10
•Glass Cockpit
•Flight Managing System / I.R.S. International Systems
•Category II / III
•Aircrafts in crisis situaitons
•Winter Operation
•Radar Meterology
•Airline Operations
•Flight Dispatcher
•Aeronautical English
•Adaptation from JAR for helicopter pilots