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About GTA

Since 2002

With more than 17 years experience in the operation of full flight simulators, we are committed to provide the best training solution to our customers at the best price.

Taylor made courses

Customized training through experience to provide the most reliable and professional training.

Level D Simulators

Partner of Indra GTA has always invested in high quality training equipment.


GTA has centres located in Madrid, Jakarta and Bogotá, customers from 40 countries, and an ambitious international expansion plan.

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  • A320
  • DGCA India
  • Habilitación de tipo
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A320 JOC + MCC Type Rating - DGCA Indonesia
  • A320 JOC + MCC
  • DGCA Indonesia
  • Habilitación de tipo
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  • A320
  • Aero Colombia
  • Habilitación de tipo
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  • 05 September
GTA elarning platform CPaT

The perfect support during the training

GTA CPaT is a revolutionary Aviation E-Learning with interactive,...

  • 03 September
Alex Zabala, A320 Type Rated Pilot

First A320 pilot rated at GTA Colombia

“My first experience as apprentice of the Type Rating Airbus A320 has been exceptional really..."

  • 06 August

Heinrich Kubis (1888-1979) was the first flight attendant in history.