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 FLight Simulator Madrid (SPAIN). FNPT II + MCC / SR320

  • 100% Replica of the actual cockpit of the Airbus A320.
  • The design for all the A320 FNPT simulator components features the highest quality materials, providing the simulator with a great durability. Designed to be operated 24/7.
  • It is possible to load photorealistic scenes of areas and airports.
  • Avionics on a 1: 1 scale, fully functional and backlit.
  • Visual system 180ºx40º FULL HD.
  • Dual MCDU with updatable global databases (NAVIGRAPH).
  • Fully configurable weather and environmental conditions.
  • Connectivity for remote maintenance.
  • Simloc Airbus A320 SR certifiable suite.
  • Motorized throttle in aeronautical aluminum for intensive use.
  • Replica seats with the original movements and designed for an intensive use. Adjustments are only mechanical, not electrical.
  • Fly by wire sidesticks with flight control laws (normal, alternate, and direct).
  • Interconnected adjustable pedals and designed for an intensive use.
  • Complete simulation of the airplane systems, ECAM actions (abnormal and emergency procedures) hydraulics, pneumatics, outfitting, motors, etc.
  • Instructor station with a full range of options and an easy and intuitive interface. It features a wide variety of failures, and the possibility of activating several simultaneously. Possibility of implementation of failures at the request of the customer.
  • Modular system to optimize transport processes, search and repair of failures, self-check system and calibration to facilitate maintenance tasks.

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