A320 Full FLight Simulator Level D. Bogotá (Colombia).

This Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is located at GTA Colombia, in Bogotá. And its named after our dearest colleage "Edwin Yesid Segura"

The A320 is one of the best-selling passenger aircraft in the world. It is widely used by the most important Airlines.

The simulator has level D certification, the maximum certification available. This means that one hour of flight on board equals one hour of actual flight in terms of training. The system replicates the behavior of the aircraft with complete realism.

Who was Edwin Yesid Segura?

A320 Full Flight Simulator level D

  • Location Bogotá, Colombia
  • Manufacturer INDRA
  • Type or variant of aircraft AIRBUS A320 214/232 (std. 2.0)
  • FSTD Qualification Level FFS Level D
  • Primary reference document UAEAC RAC 24 / EASA CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2
  • Visual System INDRA Invis3 / LED 3 Channels / FOV 200x40
  • Motion System 6 DOF 100% electro-mechanical, by Moog
  • Engine fit CEO Engines A320-214 CFM56-5B4 and A320-232 IAE V2527-A5
  • Instrument fit EFIS (PFD, ND), ECAM
  • ACAS fit ACAS II (v 7.1)
  • Windshear YES
  • EFB Available
  • UPRT Included
  • Smoke Generator Included
  • Automatic Airport Gen. Included (Worldwide Jepessen DB)

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