Course content

Phase 1: JOC + MCC

  • E-learning (Supervised) IFR + JOC Introduction 20 Hours
  • Ground Training 30 Hours
  • Fix Based Simulator 16 Hours
  • Full Flight Simulator 4 Hours

Phase 2: Initial Type Rating A320

  • Ground School 40 Hours

A320 System

A320 Procedure

A320 Performance

  • Computer Based Training 27 Hours
  • Virtual Procedure Trainer VPT 36 Hours
  • Full Flight Simulator FFS 32 Hours
  • Skill Test Full Flight Simulat 4 Hours

Phase 3: Base Training

Base Training / Confidence Flight Training is the final phase for the pilots in the training program which gives real real aircraft experience. The Flight Training will be performed with any of the A320 companies, with which GTA has agreements.

They will perform 3 Take off and Landing in Airbus A320 Aircraft.



Course requirements


CPL License (Single/Multi engine) All pages contains :

  • First page with identity & license number
  • Aircraft Category rating with date of check
  • Page of pilot proficiency check (PPC)
  • Page of instrument rating
  • Page of radiotelephony & English proficiency check

Valid Medical License

Logbook (First page with identity & lastpage with total duration flight)

Valid Passport & Identity

Photo in Uniform (red background)


  • GTA Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • GTA Spain  (Madrid)
  • GTA Colombia (Bogotá)
190 h

Ground training

16 h

FBS training

140 h

FFS training

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