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A320 TYPE RATING for India DGCA licence holders

The leading course at the best price.

GTA has developed its own methodology for a new era, combining our experienced instructours team (More than 200 EASA instructors with more than 15 years training Indian pilots) and latest technologies: New elearning platform (CPaT) + Level D training devices (VPT & Full Flight Simulators).

SPECIAL OFFER During 2021: Online IFR Course (8h) with instructor and A320 VPT 4 sessions (16h) INCLUDED.

Before coming: 8 IFR hours with Instructor. (Online training)

Course content: JET + TYPE RATING

  • GTA CBT e-learning platform: unilimited subscription during your training. Include the most complete IFR online course.
  • A320 VPT: You will have 4 FREE sessions (16h) to the simulator (self study).
  • Transport & Accomodation / Included

Jet Induction Training (16 hours)

  • 12 hours JIT ground training.
  • CBT eLearning for self-study.
  • 04 hours VPT JIT training with qualified instructor.

Phase 1: Ground Training  (88 hours)

  • 52 hours ground training with qualified instructor.
  • 24 hours A320 VPT Simulator (Virtual Procedure Trainer) training with qualified instructor.

Phase 2: Simulator Training (64 hours)

  • 20 hours FBS training with qualified instructor (10h PF + 10h PM).
  • 36 hours FFS training with qualified instructor (16h PF+ 16h PM).
  • 1 LOFT session (4 hours)
  • 08 hours FFS LPC with qualified examiner (4h PF + 4h PM).
  • 1 LVO + AWO as required.

(*) 4 hours LVO/Awo.(Optional).


You can get GTA experience in our both locations (Madrid and Jakarta). Both training centers are EASA certified, and standardized according to GTA quality.

Madrid or Jakarta, you choose.


100 h

Ground training

20 h

FBS training

44 h

FFS training

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