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The leading course at the best price.

GTA has developed its own methodology for a new era, combining our experienced instructours team (More than 200 EASA instructors with more than 15 years training Indian pilots) and latest technologies: New elearning platform (CPaT) + Level D training devices (VPT-FNPT & Full Flight Simulators).

Course content: JET + TYPE RATING

  • GTA CBT e-learning platform: unilimited subscription during your training. Include the most complete IFR online course.
  • NOW 4 FREE EXTRA hours with instructor on our new A320 FNPT simulator. After this sessions and during your A320 type rating course you will have FREE access to the simulator (self study).

Jet Induction Training (32 hours)

  • Theory GTA CBT e-larning Platform (12 hours)
  • 5 Fix Base Simulator Sessions (FBS) A320 Simulator with full time ground instructor (20 hours)

Phase 1: Ground Training  (84 hours + Exam)

  • 40 hours GTA CBT elarning Platform. Mandatory training to perform before coming to GTA + unilimited subscription during your training.
  • 8 days of theory course with full time ground instructor.(48h)
  • 6 sessions of MFTD / VPT with full time ground instructor (24h)
  • NOW 3 FREE EXTRA sessions of MFTD / VPT (12h).


Phase 2: Simulator Training (44 hours)

  • 8 Sessions of 4 hours Full Flight Simulator. (32 hours)
  • 1 LOFT session (4 hours)
  • 2 Session for skill test  CA 40 Day/Night & IRPPC. (8 hours)
  • 1 LVO + AWO as required.

(*) 4 hours LVO/Awo.(Optional).


You can get GTA experience in our both locations (Madrid and Jakarta). Both training centers are EASA certified, and standardized according to GTA quality.

Madrid or Jakarta, you choose.

Click here to know all the info (schedule, accommodation, sim centers...)


84 h

Ground training

20 h

FBS training

44 h

FFS training

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