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About GTA

Global Training & Aviation is an internationally acclaimed organization situated in Madrid, Spain in association with INDRA since July 2017 as its main partner, INDRA dominates a role in the market by providing a globally renowned aviation technology. A worldwide partner of technology that ensures trustworthy, business wide-range operations. Indra is also one of the world's leading manufacturers of simulators, having delivered 200 simulators to more than 23 countries with over 50 clients.

Founded in 2002, with a highest distinction of being the first outsourcing aviation company in Spain, GTA became a leading Training Organization based in three major continents, our headquarters are in following cities; Madrid (Spain), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Bogotá (Colombia).

GTA holds the EASA civil aviation regulations for training either fixed wings or helicopters pilots, as well as the authorization of several Civil Aviation Authorities as the DGCA India and Indonesia, Aero civil Colombia, CAA Syria, Mongolia, China, Guinea Equatorial, Slovenia, Malaysia and Nepal, DGAC Perú, CAAP Filipinas, and SCAA Cambodia.

We offer airlines, pilots and cabin crew, professional and individual training programs with the required flexibility and reliability. More than 10.000 pilots from all over the world, have been trained following an accurate ICAO safety standards. Over 10.000 training flying hours per year in Full Mission Simulators (EASA FSTD certification). Supported by our instructors (all of them active pilots) of proved experience and a solid working team focused in providing the best service.

For more than 16 years of intensive and extensive experience under operation of full flight simulators, we are committed to provide the best training solution to our customers. GTA has always been investing into a high quality training facility and highly equipped instructors to provide the most reliable training experience.

An innovative-thinking company combined with our talented team of staff, motivated by a genuine passion to render a collaborative training and advanced solutions to our customers, are what we aim for.

Furthermore, we also highlight our Cabin Crew operations which is actively operational. We have an existing clients from Spain, Equatorial Guinea and Colombia. We at GTA never stops finding the best suitable curriculum, that will best support you.

A forward-thinking company staffed by talented people - motivated by a genuine passion to deliver innovative training and resourcing solutions in true partnership with our customers.



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