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Edwin Yesid Segura A320 FFS
  • 06 July
GTA names his A320 Full Flight Simulator after Edwin Yesid Segura

As a posthumous tribute to our recently deceased comrade for his dedication and charismatic personality

  • 16 June
Revalidations / Renewals for Stobart Air pilots

After hearing the news of the cease of operations of the Irish regional airline Stobart Air, GTA has offered to help all those affected.

Edwin Yesid Segura
  • 15 June
From GTA we deeply regret the loss of our colleague and friend Edwin Yesid Segura.

who has passed away after suffering complications brought on by COVID-19 at the age of 44.


Curso de auxiliar de vuelo en Madrid
  • 09 June
Nuevo curso de auxiliar de vuelo en GTA Madrid

Apúntate ya a el curso más completo de auxiliar de vuelo al mejor precio del mercado. Haz el curso en Global Training Aviation Madrid y ponte a volar en 3 semanas!

Quality Fly students at GTA Spain
  • 21 May
Great success of the Open Day

Close to 30 students of Quality Fly could join this session in the Global Training Aviation facilities.

D. Carlos Salas Ortiz de Villajos
  • 10 May
From GTA we deeply regret the loss of Mr. Carlos Salas Ortiz de Villajos

Excellent professional and great friend of GTA.

Good flight captain! Rest in peace.

  • 16 March
Club de vuelo TAS y GTA presenting an innovative MCC+APS

This new training developed by EASA aims to ensure that future pilots meet the high standards required by the airlines.

  • 18 November
GTA is proud to announce that their ATR 72/500 FFS located at Madrid, has received the AESA UPRT certification.

The ATR 500 FFS, has been upgraded and has received the AESA UPRT, High altitude stall event, full stall and icing certification according to CS-FSTD (A) issue 2.

  • 17 November
¡Congrats Justin Alexander Gómez!

Ganador del concurso de GTA Colombia.

  • 07 October
GTA is proud to announce that their new A320 FNPT II ,delivered by Simloc, has received the AESA certification.

The Spanish State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) has just certified a generic MCC Jet simulator at the Global Training Aviation (GTA) Madrid facilities, delivered by Simloc.


  • 09 September
Reopening of the student visa application services for DGCA indian pilots bound for Spain.

The Embassy of Spain in New Delhi has opened the visa application process.