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  • 30 August
Screening availability for A320 & A330 captains.

Beijing Capital is the Airline with the widest choice of crew bases in China and offers the highest salaries!!.

  • 14 August
GTA India Airline Pilot Roadshow

Free Event #IAPR19 Global Training & Aviation For ATPL pilots

Get a free Type Rating Course!

  • 26 July
Our new B737 FFS (Spain) is ready for training.

GTA is proud to announce that their new B737 Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS), is ready for training.

  • 24 July

We are looking for Key Account Manager at GTA Indonesia

  • 18 July
¿Quieres ser Auxiliar de Vuelo en Gowair?

Convocatoria abierta:

  • 16 July
Becas GTA

GTA convoca un concurso con el apoyo del COPAC y el SEPLA, para la obtención de 3 becas.

  • 15 July
F-AIR 2019

Great success at F-Air 2019.

  • 10 July

Aviation Collaborative Training

  • 17 June

Kike Marcos have visited our facilities...

A320 Full Flight Simulator GTA Colombia Chile certification
  • 14 June
We are proud to announce that our new A320 FFS Level D, has received DGAC Chile certification.

Global Training Aviation, announced today that their new A320 (FFS)

  • 29 May
Daniel Dominguez becomes our new International Sales Director.

Congratulations Daniel Dominguez for your new and well deserved position at GTA.

  • 20 May
A320 Indonesia Certificate

A320 Full FLight Simulator at GTA Indonesia has renovated its...