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  • 20 May
A320 Indonesia Certificate

A320 Full FLight Simulator at GTA Indonesia has renovated its...

Music on Air, los fesser
  • 16 May
LOS FESSER. Music On Air

Nuevo vídeo de MUSIC on AIR. 

Los Fesser han visitado...

  • 14 May
RED+ Noticias visita GTA Colombia

RED+ Noticias visita nuestras instalaciones de GTA Colombia para conocer el nuevo simulador de vuelo A320...

  • 09 May
City TV visits GTA Colombia

City TV, an important Colombian channel, visits GTA Colombia to know more about our A320 FFS.


  • 24 April

Celebrate with us the 10 year anniversary of our ATR500 Full Flight Simulator make a 10 with your open hands and share with the hashtag #ATR10

Music on Air, tarays
  • 15 April
TARAYS. Music On Air

MUSIC ON AIR is the new project of GTA

  • 08 April
GTA Spain in a Commercial

Last year, an advertising agency rented GTA ATR 600 FFS and the CEET...

A320 Full Flight Simulator GTA Colombia Ready for training
  • 29 March
Our new A320 FFS (Colombia) is ready for training.

Global Training Aviation is proud to announced that their new A320 Level D Full Flight Simulator...

GTA Spain staff
  • 18 March
Angel Bárcena new GTA Indonesia Director

GTA Spain team say goodbye to Angel Barcena, new GTA Indonesia Director!

  • 14 March
Captain José Luis Parra was interviewed by Channel TVE1

José Luis Parra ,  was interviewed by Channel TVE. You can see the whole video today at TVE1

Angel Barcena GTA Indonesia Director
  • 01 March
Angel Barcena was interviewed by Channel TVE1

Angel Barcena , future GTA Indonesia Director, was interviewed by Channel TVE. You can see the whole video tonight at TVE1

A320 FFS Colombia
  • 25 February
A320 FFS in GTA Colombia, prepared to train 350 pilots a year

Indra will equip the new pilot training center that GTA will open in Bogota with...