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Alex Zabala, A320 Type Rated Pilot
  • 03 September
  • Testimonials

“My first experience as apprentice of the Type Rating Airbus A320 has been exceptional really. As the team of instructors are highly prepared with a high operational exigency, and professionals that are very attentive with the correct learning process of their apprentices with a correct methodology in their theory as simulation classes, which for me was quite easy to assimilate, making them really enjoyable. Regarding the facilities of the instructions center, they are really modern and practically new, with a large administrative complex located in the city of Bogotá. It really was a very complete 40-day course to complete, with comfortable and a flexible schedule. Speaking of the Airbus A320 category D simulator, it is equipped with the latest technologies in commercial aviation, which allows the user to adapt perfectly with ease in simulation training of the Pro-efficiency and recurring ones, which are currently being demanded by the Aeronautics and the commercial lines.

To finish I want to express that I only have gratitude words with the Global Training & Aviation staff, as in Spain and Colombia, because of the way they treated me and the time they dedicated in the course's instructions, which I really learned from. As for all the personnel from maintenance, as instructors and administrative that in my opinion they accomplish with their roles and jobs in their company."