Anuj Kumar

Anuj Kumar

15 November 2023

Anuj Kumar

A320 DGCA India Type Rated Pilot

Let me start from beginning, I never thought that I would go to the another edge of the world but maybe it was already destined for me. I completed my A320 Type Rating for GTA Colombia. It was our first and biggest batch of GTA Colombia and we never thought that it will be that much of fun, learning and drama. But as we all now if you hear GTA that means professionalism and standard.

Anuj Kumar Type Rating Course A320 DGCA GTA

At GTA Colombia entire staff was super friendly and helped us in every single possible way to become a ace pilots. I would thank each and every single member from GTA Colombia. Training to accommodation all were well managed along with the food. Instructors were very friendly and experienced who helped me whenever I needed them and the city is so beautiful and as I was amazed by the peoples of Colombia, I am sure you all will be. I love the hospitality and culture of Colombian, who will treat you like a family.

At last, Thankyou so much GTA, this is all because of you that I was able to explore and learn.


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