ATR 72-600 Type Rating Course for EASA licence holders

1: Self Sudies CPaT elearning (CBT)

Our students have UNLIMITED subscription included in the TR programs. This way, they can start the training before coming to GTA,  and also use the platform during the training.

2: Ground Training (82h)

  • Ground class with instructor.(57h)
  • Procedures training: (25h) / 5 sessions. The procedure training will be performing at our ATR 600 simulator level D. FBS training.

3: Simulator Training (36h)

All of our full flight simulators (FFS) have level D certification, the maximum certification available, this includes our ATR 72-600 FFS located at GTA Madrid. This means that one hour of flight on board equals one hour of actual flight in terms of training. The system replicates the behavior of the aircraft with complete realism.

  • Full Flight Simulator: 32h (8 sessions).
  • Full Flight Simulator: Exam/LST: 4h (1 session).

4: Base training 6 or 4 T/G + 1 Go around

Course requirements

Depending on the previous multi-pilot flight experience of each pilot: 4 or 6 shots and take-offs + 1 Go around

Non rated pilot_

  • Certificate of 70 pilot-in-command hours.
  • UPRT Advanced
  • Valid ME,IR.
  • Valid CPL (ATPL theory) or ATPL.
  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  • MCC certificate of completion.
  • English level 4 ICAO.
  • Evaluation of Entry Level Training (ELT).

Rated pilot_

  • Hold  ME, IR.
  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  • English level 4 ICAO.
  • Evaluation of Entry Level Training (ELT).


  • GTA Spain (Madrid)
82 h

Ground training

25 h

FBS training

36 h

FFS training

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