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Prepare your B737 Airline Simulator Assessment in a real Full Flight Simulator with our experienced airline TRIs

Last call!! Offer valid until January 31 2022.

GTA is an EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and we apply the same level on quality and standards to Simulator Assessment Preparation as we do for regulated training

The latest-generation Boeing 737-800 flight simulator Level D, will be the one used for your assessment preparation.

  • Unlike some competitors, our simulators are certified by the Spanish CAA.
  • We use Navtech charts and fully approved UK airports.

Experienced instructors

All instructors conducting assessment preparation sessions hold formal instructional qualifications and are active TRI pilots for that airline you want to be part of.

Single Pilot (5h) 590€

  • 2 hours Pre-Flight
  • 2 hours B737-800 FFS Level D
  • 1 hour Debriefing

Additional hours = 225€/h

Dual Pilot (7h) 620€ (*)

  • 2 hours Pre-Flight
  • 4 hours B737-800 FFS Level D
    • 2 hours PF
    • 2 hours PM
  • 1 hour Debriefing

(*) Price per pilot / two pilots required

Last step to get the job you want! 

Please get in contact with us so that we can give you more detailed information.

info@globaltrainingaviation.com / +34 91 329 53 17



3 h

Ground training

4 h

FBS training

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