A320 FFS located at GTA Indonesia, has received the EASA UPRT certification.

19 May 2022

A320 Full Flight Simulator level D, has been upgraded and has received the EASA UPRT certificate.

The FFS is located on the premises of GTA, in Jakarta (INDONESIA).
This is the last GTA simulator with this certification, joining A320 FFS (GTA Colombia), B737 FFS, A320 FFS, ATR 500 & ATR 600( GTA Spain).

Pilot training programs have further been updated to include full UPRT requirements.

UPRT stands for aeroplane ‘Upset Prevention and Recovery Training’ and constitutes a combination of theoretical knowledge and flying training with the aim of providing flight crew with the required competencies to both prevent and to recover from situations in which an aeroplane unintentionally exceeds the parameters for line operation or training (aeroplane upsets).

The simulator has level D certification, the maximum certification available. This means that one hour of flight on board equals one hour of actual flight in terms of training. The system replicates the behavior of the aircraft with complete realism.

Pilots train in situations impossible to re-create in the air, such as the failure of an engine or an emergency landing. They also practice landings at any airport in the world, in all kinds of weather conditions.

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