Base Training Indonesia

Base Training Takes Flight in Indonesia

27 June 2023

GTA proudly announces a significant milestone in our journey. We have successfully launched our base training program for our Indonesian pilots. This achievement marks a new chapter in the development of aviation training in Indonesia. GTA's unwavering commitment to excellence has brought us here, as we expand our reach to empower aspiring pilots with the skills and knowledge required to be hired in commercial airlines all around the world.

Base Training Cabin

Our base training program has welcomed three batches of passionate pilots. They have embarked on an intensive journey that encompasses ground instruction, state-of-the-art flight simulators along with our committed team of instructors.

Today, we proudly congratulate our inaugural class of 18 Indonesian pilots who have successfully completed their base training. With their newly acquired knowledge, skills, and the GTA stamp of excellence, these Indonesian pilots are now ready to embark on exciting careers in the aviation industry. They are equipped to navigate complex flight scenarios, ensure passenger safety, and contribute to the growth of the Indonesian aviation sector.

GTA remains committed to raising the standards of pilot training globally, and the launch of our base training program in Southeast Asia is a testament to our dedication. We are honored to have the opportunity to shape the next generation of aviators in the region.

Stay tuned for more updates as GTA continues to make strides in pilot training worldwide!

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