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CV Photo Tips for an Aspiring Cabin Crew

23 July 2021

Once you have completed the Flight Attendant Course and obtained the official title of cabin crew, and before tackling the "dreaded" airline selection tests for flight attendants, it is time to optimize your Curriculum Vitae, starting with the photo. What most distinguishes some people from others, and what transmits the most, is with the face. For this reason, for this type of photograph, the ideal is always a CLOSE-UP because the profile or resume photos will always look very small and if you put a half-length or full-length photograph you will not be recognized. In addition, the hands and the gestures made with them are often distracting in these photos.

If you know how to look, A PHOTOGRAPH SAYS A LOT about a person and a professional. When you put a careful photo, what it conveys is the idea of ​​a professional who cares about his image, who cares about the details and who is going to take good care of his work.

Each person is a world and the photographer has to look at each one individually, to highlight the best. Therefore there are no fixed rules when making a portrait. But it is possible to give some GUIDELINES so that, from then on, each one shows himself as he is.

In a portrait YOU MUST TAKE CARE of the following elements:

- Wardrobe

It is convenient to go to the session as you would in your professional life, as an aspiring Cabin Crew. For this reason, I advise dressing appropriately or consistent with the "NORM" of our sector or as you would go to a job interview for an airline. In any case, always with clothes that represent you, and never trying to look like someone you are not, because it is just as important not to go overboard as overdoing it.


- Hair and accessory

The hair must be well COMBINED and showing all the face, as required by airlines. A low bun or medium/low-height ponytail would be the ideal hairstyle.

In men, in case of wearing a BEARD, it is important that it is taken care of, and if they do not have it, it is convenient to be clean shaven.

It is advisable to wear discreet accessories (small EARRINGS, and necklaces or brooches that do not attract much attention) and a natural MAKEUP


- Pose

You must show a natural pose that reflects your personality.


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