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Frequently asked questions about the flight attendant course

11 June 2021

Is it necessary to speak English to take the flight attendant course?

No, the course is conducted entirely in Spanish, as is the official AESA exam. However, from GTA we recommend it since it is an important requirement for many airlines when hiring.


How long is the GTA Madrid flight attendant course?

GTA offers the official flight attendant course in Madrid in 3 different schedule types to adapt to each type of person.

-The intensive flight attendant course lasts 3 weeks.

-Flight attendant weekend course (Friday and Saturday) has a duration of 11 weeks.

-Flight attendant course in the afternoon with a duration of 7 weeks.


What is the schedule for the GTA Madrid intensive flight attendant course?

The schedule of the intensive flight attendant course is from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00.


How much does the initial flight attendant course cost in GTA Madrid?

Currently the price of the TCP course in GTA Madrid is €1,900


Can any part of the course be done virtually?

No. The modality of the course is face-to-face, being mandatory to attend 90% of the theoretical classes and 100% of the practical classes.


After the course, are there internships in a company or job bank?

There are no agreements to carry out internships in airlines, but occasionally we have agreements with different companies that select their cabin crew from among our students. After the course we inform all our students of all the open calls and we guide them on how to carry out a successful interview.


Is there a course that allows me to renew my Cabin Crew Certificate once it has expired?

To renew the TCP certificate it is necessary to complete the initial cabin crew course in its entirety. Once you have passed the official exam, a new certificate will be issued with the same license number that you had on the first certificate issued.


Can I take a course that validates my TCP certificate issued in South America?

There is no validation of licenses from another authority to the European one. It is necessary to complete the initial flight attendant course in full to qualify for an AESA certificate.


Why is there such a difference in prices between GTA and the rest of the axiliar flight schools?

There are few schools that have their own flight and emergency simulators (in fact, we offer them for rent for many of them) this is what allows us to have much more competitive prices than the rest and what makes other centers are forced to make their courses more expensive.

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