Quality Fly students at GTA Spain

Great success of the Open Day

21 May 2021

“Impressive”, “Amazing”, “What an experience”, “How can it be so d… real ”Those were some of the expressions we mostly listen yesterday after the students practiced their first touch and goes with our Full Flight Simulators at GTA Spain.

Close to 30 students of Quality Fly could join this session in the Global Training Aviation facilities. The session started as it must with a morning coffee, and after a first briefing groups were made to complete training, visit and practice in Full Flight Simulators Level D including Boeing 737, ATR 600, ATR 500 and also simulator FNPTII A320.

Following the collaboration agreement between Quality Fly and Global Training Aviation, not only new students but current students will have the possibility to complete the APS MCC including practice in the highest level FFS, maximizing learning and experience.

The day was even better as it was the first big gathering after so long time due to the pandemic, making it a big pleasure for all students and staff.

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