entrenamiento de primeros auxilios curso de tripulante de cabina gta madrid

GTA Flight Attendant Course Agenda

16 June 2021

Flight Attendant Course Agenda (Madrid)

  • General theoretical knowledge of aviation.
  • Normativa e instituciones aeronáuticas relevantes para la tripulación de cabina de pasajeros.
  • Relevant aeronautical regulations and institutions for cabin crew.
  • Assistance to passengers and surveillance of the cabin.
  • Aviation medicine and first aid.
  • Dangerous Goods.
  • Aviation security.
  • Training in fire and smoke fighting.
  • Survival practices.

Minimum requirements to take the course:

  • Be 18 years old at the end of the course
  • Know how to swim
  • Speak English
  • Studies: No specific degree is required.

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