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9 May 2023

Being a flight attendant allows people to have an exciting career where they can grow personally and professionally. It's a profession with high demand that allows you to generate good income while traveling the world, meeting new cultures and travelers from various countries. The requirements are minimal, as you only need the official certificate. Global Training Aviation is a training center where you can obtain the flight attendant certification.

In general, the function of a flight attendant is to maintain the safety of passengers, as well as provide professional attention during the flight and while passengers board and disembark the plane. In the same way, they have a specific role in emergencies, which is why all those interested in becoming a flight attendant can access the GTA website to learn about the different courses available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flight Attendant Certification

Global Training Aviation offers a variety of educational options to develop as a flight attendant. Since many candidates have doubts about the program, GTA clarifies the most common questions.

One of the most common is whether the aspirant must speak English. The training center answers, "to sign up for the course, an English certificate is not required because all classes are conducted in Spanish and the official AESA exam is in Spanish." However, GTA always recommends that its students have English as a second language, as it is a requirement that many airlines take into account when hiring their personnel.

On the other hand, the course lasts three weeks of intensive classes with 100% practical training. This is why the flight attendant course cannot be carried out virtually.

There are also students who wonder what sets Global Training Aviation apart from other schools. The main difference is that it has an emergency simulator that is used in classes and even rented out to other institutions in Madrid to offer this service in their program. This way, GTA positions itself as one of the best and most competitive schools in all of Spain.

All the options offered by GTA for flight attendants

Another doubt that candidates have is whether this course allows for the renewal of the cabin crew certification when it has expired. To update the certificate, you must take the initial cabin crew training course and pass the exam in order to use the same license number.

For people coming from South America, it is also important to know that there is no validation of licenses from authorities outside of Europe, so they must take the flight attendant course to be able to opt for the AESA certificate.

Global Training Aviation is characterized as a specialized center in educational management for flight attendants. Anyone interested in the Madrid Community can enter the website and request more information.

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