GTA Colombia F-Air

GTA Shines at F-Air Colombia

21 July 2023

Global Training Aviation was present at the prestigious F-Air Colombia fair, held recently in the region. During the event, the company visited over 12 different basic training schools, nurturing relationships and paving the way for exciting future collaborations.

At the heart of GTA's participation was the opportunity to connect with ab initio training schools, providing valuable insights about their courses and the global aviation market. GTA's outreach aimed to enlighten both graduates and current students about the benefits of obtaining a type rating on their license, which unlocks numerous opportunities in the fiercely competitive aviation industry.

In addition to engaging with schools and the pilot union, GTA attended several captivating conferences conducted by industry experts. Topics ranged from air safety and energy efficiency to the future of aviation. These sessions provided invaluable knowledge that GTA plans to apply directly to its core business strategies.

All in all, GTA's presence at F-Air Colombia 2023 proved to be an exceptionally positive and rewarding experience. The fair provided an invaluable platform to glean insights into the latest trends and advancements in the aeronautical industry, while also evaluating market behavior for school graduates. Equipped with this newfound information and knowledge, GTA is now poised to embark on future negotiations, solidify its market presence, amplify brand recognition, and showcase its portfolio of top-notch courses to aviation professionals.

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