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How to face the airline selection tests for flight attendants

28 June 2021


Once you have completed the flight attendant course and have received the official title of Passenger Cabin Crew (TCP), you will have to face the airline selection tests. In this article we will tell you all the secrets to successfully pass these tests and finally achieve your dream of being a stewardess / flight attendant.

When you are selected for the interview, much of the day will be marked by a series of preliminary tests. You may be asked to take a variety of tests (mathematics, logic and English) before moving on to the final phase (the individual interview).

These tests should not be underestimated at all... in fact, recruiters are there to intentionally... "spy" to assess your skills and see how you behave within a work group. Let's see in more detail how an interview takes place and what they are and the secrets to be able to pass it brilliantly.

The tests differ from company to company and the examples shown are taken from different airlines.


The group rehearsal is a time when the recruiters observe how you deal with some unusual situations that can happen to you on board, before boarding, or even in the case of surviving on a desert island (they divide into groups and give a list of objects that we should have placed in order of importance according to their usefulness in such a particular context...).

The secret of this test is to approach the problem effectively and with the right initiative without overriding the ideas of others, much less standing on the sidelines without participating. It is time to show your leadership, but without going overboard.

All these exercises are trained in the flight attendant course.


Role-playing games are used to see how you behave with conflicting passengers. A typical situation is the following: you are doing inflight service delivering meals and at one point an angry passenger tells you that his food is cold. How should you react?

In this case, the solution if you think about it is simple: be nice and apologize. Pick up their food and deliver a hot one as soon as possible. While waiting, you can offer the passenger a drink.


It is a test that measures your general knowledge on certain topics such as geography, airport codes, foreign currency, time zone, and a bit of culture about foreign states in general.

Be smart! Take a look at the routes that the company you are interviewing for takes and learn everything that may be useful; including the type of aircraft they use and the history of the company. / 91 329 53 17

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