Presenting an innovative integrated course that includes Full Flight Simulator training as part of the APS MCC, due to a new collaboration between Quality Fly and Global Training Aviation.

23 February 2021

Madrid, February 24, 2021.

Quality Fly Flight School and Global Training Aviation have signed a collaboration agreement through which the students of the Quality Fly integrated course will be able to complete their MCC + APS training using the FFS level D simulators that GTA has at its Madrid headquarters
The rest of the Quality Fly students will also be able to benefit from this collaboration as they will be able to take the APS MCC course on an A320. As for Quality Fly alumni who have already completed their MCC, they will be able to access the first "Upgrade to APS MCC" course to complement the MCC carried out and thus have an APS MCC course, whose demand in airlines is increasingly higher. The Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation course (APS MCC) is a nextgeneration course that complements classic MCC training with knowledge of aircraft systems, advanced aircraft operation scenarios, advanced swept-wing jet training and core competencies assessment. This new training developed by EASA aims to ensure that future pilots meet the high standards required by the airlines.

The level D certification of the GTA Full Flight Simulator (FFS) simulators is the highest in the market, it makes one hour of flight on board equivalent to one hour of real flight for training purposes. The system accurately replicates the behaviour of the aircraft.

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