Cabin Crew Course

The secret lenguage of Cabin Crew

13 July 2021

Did you know that cabin crew have their own argot? Today we discover the language of flight attendants and the names of their tools and the spaces they use the most on the plane.

- F / A, CC, CA: the cabin crew.

- PURSER, P1: the boss.

- GALLEY: The plane´s Kitchen. Inside you can find:

  • TROLLEY: wheel-equipped carts" that push back and forth to serve drinks and food. When you put them back in place, never forget to LATCH: the latch that secures the cart in place so it doesn't roll away if there is turbulence.
  • BOILERS: hot water bowls.
  • REFRESHING: wet wipes.

- JMPSEAT: Cabin Crew seats.

- PA: It is the public address service to speak with all the passengers. / 91 329 53 17

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