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  • 14 October
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We have great pleasure in presenting our new logo.

GTA is an international company associated with INDRA. Founded in 2002, GTA is based in 3 different continents. During this time, GTA has formed more than 30.000 students from all over the world. More than 250 airlines have trusted GTA to be their training provider for pilots and cabin crew. More than 130.000 simulator training hours…

GTA is more than figures.

GTA means dreams come true. Is tenacity and hard work.
GTA is standards and flexibility . Is culture and adventure.
GTA means family. GTA means technology and heart.
GTA is passion and vocation, is young and expert.
GTA is knowledge and teamwork GTA means instructors, cabin crew and pilots.

GTA is GLOBAL, GTA is Training, GTA is Aviation