From GTA we recommend that the following requirements be met when taking the Flight Attendant course in Madrid (Spain). Some of these requirements are AESA requirements and others are GTA recommendations based on our experience and airline contracting processes.

Age: Be of legal age at the end of the course. You can start the course at the age of 17, but the title will only be official when, once the course has been passed, the student turns 18.

Know how to swim: Know how to swim to pass the practical exam (100 meters in 2 minutes and 30 seconds). During the course, practices are carried out in the pool so that you reach the objectives set.

Languages: A perfect command of Spanish, knowledge of English is essential. The course is taught in Spanish by AESA regulations. We recommend our students to be fluent in English, although no specific degree is required.

Knowledge of another language will be highly valued.

Minimum height: It depends on each airline. Although there is no limit when taking the course, we recommend:
Women: over 1.60m. approx. Men: approx. 1.70m.

Academic training: The minimum qualification is ESO or equivalent. From GTA we recommend having a Bachelor's degree or similar that will be positively valued by airlines.


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