CCQ Cross Crew Qualification A330 to A320

The A320-A330 cross crew qualification (CCQ) is designed to train and assess the trainee in all items required for the initial issue of an EASA A330 Type Rating with IR and PBN privileges where the trainee already has relevant A320 experience.

  • Completion of the independent self study is required prior to course start.
  • Technical Review.
  • Self Studies CBT (computer based training).
  • Ground Training
  • VPT Training
  • Simulator Training; Full flight simulator with motion.
  • Exam

Course requirements

  • 100 hours as pilot in command of airplanes
  • CPL or ATPL
  • MCC
  • Valid ME
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Valid Class One Medical Certificate


  • GTA Spain (Madrid)
  • GTA Indonesia  (Jakarta)
  • GTA Colombia (Bogotá)
20 h

Ground training

16 h

FFS training

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