Devika Chaudhary

Devika Chaudhary

13 November 2023

Devika Chaudhary

A320 DGCA India Type Rated at GTA Colombia


Id like to start by thanking all the departments for there support and effort in making me who I am today. I am working as a pilot in Air india on Airbus 320. I did my initial type rating from GTA Indonesia . Success is when it is shared.

All the people who are out there working as a pilot in various companies,who did there initial type rating from GTA are grateful and thankful.  Initial type rating matters and the standards set by GTA are really good. Setting good standards leads to good decision making, which is why it’s important for me to share my experience with you all. All the instructors were super helpful and understanding. They understood where I lacked and appreciated when I did good. Which boosted my confidence. The ground classes were excellent along with E-learning(C-PAT)which helped us even more to understand.

Devika Chaudary A320 Type Rating GTA

The simulators were also brand new. The key is to never give up and always keep going and looking at the end goal. Good and bad days are part of the training. It makes you stronger and confident. Other than the training,the accommodation provided by GTA was comfortable and snacks were provided in between sim sessions to keep us going. 

The GTA family took care of all the documentation after type rating finished and provided guidance when needed. They even suggested places to go too on our day’s off as it is important to rest up and go out and enjoy too along with training. The type rating was finished very quickly with the number of days they quoted. Over all my experience was lovely. Thank you once again! 

Devika Chaudhary  A320 DGCA India Type Rated at GTA Colombia

Winner of a 'GTA Rewards Program' award

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