Edwin Yesid Segura Montaña

“El Negrito”, as his family affectionately called him, was born on January 7, 1977, in Bogotá Colombia, son of Mrs. Clara Inés Montaña and Mr. José Nicolas Segura, and brother of Jovan José Segura Montaña.

During his school years he was always known for being a highly intelligent and kind kid. Joker, athletic, charming, and smiling, he always stood out for his career as an athlete and for taking part in every event and artistic activity at school. Apart from being a part of Cundinamarca’s Athletics League, he was also a known painter amongst those who bought his oil paintings.

In school, at age 17, he met the girl that 5 years later would become his wife.

After graduating, he decided to join the Colombian Air Force because he had dreamt of becoming a helicopter pilot ever since he saw the tv show “La Misión del deber” as a kid.

He wanted to become a hero for his country and a man that would help others through his work.

Once he completed his career as a pilot in Cali, he moved back to Bogotá with his rank of sub-lieutenant and in the year 2001, the 16th of February he weds Angélica María Roa Salas, commonly known as Angie Roa, and as the fruit of their love, their two sons Jostin David and Mártin Zaid Segura Roa are born.

After retiring from the Air Force with a Major rank, he took a small break to spend time with his family and shortly after joined the company GTA, a job that brought him joy and allowed him to grow as a salesman and meet many new people.

He was a great husband, father, friend and advisor with a great heart, an intelligent man, very analytical, and one if his greatest satisfactions was helping other people he knew. He never had negative thoughts about anyone or anything, on the contrary, he would always give advice to those who surrounded him.

He lived a great life surrounded by the people he loved.

On June 14, 2021, he perished but will be forever in our hearts and minds.

Rest In Peace Major Segura Edwin.

“Aviators don’t die, they just fly higher.”


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