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FREE Airline assessment course

Prepare your Airline Assessment  in one of our latest generation A320, B737, ATR-500 or ATR-600 simulators for € 0.

All the training you do will be deducted from the price of your future type rating.

Train in a Full Flight Simulator from € 182 an hour, and discount all the training you do in the price of your type rating.

All of our Full Flight Simulators are level D, the highest level of certification possible. Now you can train in the best simulators in the world at an incredible price.

Ask for more information without commitment!

  • Minimum 2 hours of training / Maximum 6 hours
  • Includes instructor
  • Training in Full Flifght Simulator with with motion.
  • Available in FFS A320 / B737 / ATR 500 / ATR 600
  • Offer valid until 09/30/2019


6 h

FFS training

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