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Keep your license up to date, do not stop training during the year and enjoy all the benefits of being a member of GTA Airlines Club.

Our refresher training consists in assisting every pilot with a deep review of systems and procedures during the year in order to guarantee success on your LPC.

With this monthly payment you will receive:

1. GTA e-learning platform CPaT

  •  Subscription included during your program.

2. GROUND TRAINING with instructor (48h)

4 hours per month of online class with instructor followed by questions and answers meeting with the instructor. The best way to keep your skills fresh.

Online Systems Technical Part Review

  • SOPs 
  • Normal procedures / Abnormal / emergency procedures
  • AWO / LVO 
  • PBN 
  • UPRT 
  • FANS

3. Free access to our A320 VPT

Unlimited use during your subscription: without time restriction and without additional charge.

4. Simulator Training Extra.

After your ground training you will have 2 hours with instructor in one of our Full Flight Simulator level D. The best way to prepre yor LPC.

  • Full Flight Simulator (2 hours) 1h PF / 1h PM (*)

5. License Proficiency Check

After our refresher yearly training you will be more prepared than ever for your LPC.

  • Full Flight Simulator (4 hours) 2h PF / 2h PM (*) Examiner included

More advantages:

  • Free access to our A320 VPT and Mock-ups.
  • Free access to our Elearning platform with exclusive content.
  • Priority to be selected as an accompanying pilot in GTA simulator sessions
  • State of the Art A320 Simulator FFS / Level D. 99.7% Reliability.
  • Each simulator session thoroughly briefed and debriefed, with written reports provided.
  • Agreements with hotels at special rates, with daily hotel shuttle service.
  • All administrative fees included (AESA only).

We are also here for you if you have any question.

(*) PM (Pilot Monitoring- Co-pilot) PF (Pilot Flying)


48 h

Ground training

6 h

FFS training

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