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Keep your DGCA Indonesia license up to date, do not stop training during the year and be ready for the airlines.

  • Flexible monthly payment conditions (Payment in instalments)
  • Valid for A320
  • Available at GTA Indonesia & GTA Spain
  • Our refresher training consists in assisting every pilot with a deep review of systems and procedures during the year, in order to guarantee success for your LPC.

With this flexible monthly payment  you will receive:

1. GTA e-learning platform CPaT

  • Subscription included during your program.

2. GROUND TRAINING with instructor (48h)

Weekly online ground class with instructor followed by questions and answers meeting with the instructor. The best way to keep your skills fresh.

Online Systems Technical Part Review.

3. Free access to our A320 VPT simulator.

Unlimited use during your subscription: without time restriction and without additional charge.

4. Simulator Training Extra. with TRI/SFI Captain instructor

After your ground training you will have 2 hours with instructor in one of our Full Flight Simulator level D. The best way to prepare your LPC.

Full Flight Simulator (2 hours) 1h PF / 1h PM (*)

5. License Proficiency Check

After our refresher yearly training you will be more prepared than ever for your LPC.

LPC session with DGCA examiner included

More advantages:

  • Free access to our A320 VPT and Mock-ups.
  • Free access to our Elearning platform with exclusive content.
  • Priority to be selected as a support pilot in GTA simulator sessions.
  • State of the Art A320 Simulator FFS / Level D. 99.7% Reliability.
  • Each simulator session thoroughly briefed and debriefed, with written reports provided.
  • All administrative fees included. DGCA Examiner fee / DGCA licence handling

We are also here for you if you have any question.

(*) PM (Pilot Monitoring- Co-pilot) PF (Pilot Flying).


48 h

Ground training

6 h

FFS training

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