John Sebastian A320 Pilot GTA Colombia

John Sebastian

16 November 2023
John Sebastian
A320 Colombia pilot Type Rated at Global Training Aviation (GTA Colombia)

My name is John Silva, I am a graduate of GTA, and I can say that thanks to this wonderful school, I have been able to fulfill my dream. The training was excellent, the instructors were always attentive to my progress and willing to teach, which provides a lot of reassurance. It's not just about the training; the maintenance team also ensured that the simulator was ready. The administrative department supported every step of the process to ensure everything went smoothly.

To those reading this message, I wholeheartedly recommend GTA. If you study, prepare, and take advantage of this opportunity, great doors will open for you.

John is one of the 20 winning pilots of the 'GTA Rewards program' of €1000.
A320 type rating course GTA


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