Karan Shrinagesh  A320 type rated pilot at GTA Indonesia

Karan Shrinagesh

4 January 2023

"I did my A320 type rating course at GTA Indonesia in September 2022. The course was well structured and didn't put any undue pressure on the students. All the instructors without exception were highly experienced and professional. The learning curve for us was steep at times but if one is focused on not only finishing the day’s syllabus but also studying a little ahead of the schedule training sessions, the goal is definitely achievable. Thanks to the support of all the office staff and instructors we were able to finish the course before time. This is very unusual at most training organisations around the world. The staff at GTA were very cooperative and flexible, always there to listen to our concerns, requests and queries.

I would highly recommend Global Training Aviation to all aviators looking to advance their careers. I must mention the motivational talk from Captain Paco in the beginning of the course as a highlight. He really knows how to encourage young people to excel and reach for the skies!"

Karan Shrinagesh is flying at Hong Kong Express. Another great example of how perseverance and cooperation along our highly experienced instructors pave the way to the skies. Congratulations!


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