Karthick Venkatraman G

Karthick Venkatraman G

4 December 2023

Karthick Venkatraman G

A320 DGCA India Type Rated pilot at GTA

Karthick is one of the 20 winning pilots of the 'GTA Rewards program' of €1000.


Extremely honoured to be an Alumni of this prestigious institution.

It all started for me, back in July 2022, when I decided to pursue A320 Type Rating and my first choice was always GTA. Everything from Course details, accommodation were shared to me within a matter of hours. Special thanks to Ms.Dewi, GTA Indonesia for the efforts she took, when it came to assigning me, a sim partner.

The Instructors at GTA Indonesia took special care and attention for each individual and shaped us to deliver our full potential. GTA training helped me a lot in cracking my airline interview. Special thanks to Capt.Claude, Capt.Paco, Capt.Maui and Capt.Jorge for pushing us to deliver our best. Thanks to Capt.Simon as well, for fun ground training sessions and VPT sessions. Last but not the least, thanks to Mr.Agun and Mr.Adi for scheduling and flawless DGCA paperwork.

At GTA we want to reward people with values and commitment like Karthick. Your testimony not only reflects the excellence of our training but also highlights the dedication of our staff members and our experienced instructors.

Karthick A320 TR



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