Rent our facilities in Madrid (Spain) for your flight attendant course from €800!

At GTA we have been training pilots and flight attendants since 2002. We have the most modern fleet of flight and emergency simulators. Headquarters in 3 continents (Spain, Colombia and Indonesia) and more than 250 airlines among our clients.

  • Airbus A320 cabin emergency / evacuation simulator for practical training required by AESA.
  • Fire extinguishing simulator
  • Swimming pool with the necessary material to carry out survival practical training.
  • Classrooms for carrying out the theoretical part and the official exam to obtain the certificate.
  • Management and processing for the registration of practical training facilities directly with the authority (AESA).
  • If you need accommodation or transportation for your students, we can also provide this solution.

If you want to open a Cabin Crew training centre we can provide you with all the necessary support, we have a team of professional advisors and we will also offer you great discounts for your first promotion.

Do not hesitate, come visit us and ask for promotions depending on the number of courses per year that you carry out, nobody can match us.


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