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A320 type rated
Sudhanshu Shinde, A320 pilot
Type rated at GTA Indonesia

The immense wealth of instructors experience is invaluable and shown through the high standards maintained throughout the training providing the best learning environment for students.
The people both directly or indirectly involved with flying training, the friendly engineers, the ops staff / support staff nobody is too busy to stop for a chat and offer a friendly smile.

Type rating training par excellence GTA!

Sanjith Redy, A320 pilot
A320 type rating GTA Indonesia

"GTA staff was really helpfull during my training, resolving every doubt i had. Also the instructors are very supportive."

Curso de Auxiliar de vuelo
PAULA, Auxiliar de vuelo en GOWAIR
Curso de Auxiliar de vuelo de GTA

Mi experiencia en GTA fue increíble. Gracias a los profesores tan fantásticos que tuve, me enamoré de la aviación y un mes después de terminar el curso de auxiliar de vuelo en GTA Madrid ya estaba volando!!! Recomendado a todo el mundo que esté deseando iniciar su camino en las nubes.

Juan Pablo Correa
ATR600 type rating GTA Spain

I am very grateful to GTA for providing me skill that have formed my career and my professional life... thanks to the whole staff and to all my instructors.

Alex Zabala, A320 Type Rated Pilot

My first experience as apprentice of the Type Rating Airbus A320 has been exceptional really. As the team of instructors are highly prepared with a high operational exigency, and professionals that are very attentive with the correct learning process of their apprentices with a correct methodology in their theory as simulation classes, which for me was quite easy to assimilate, making them really enjoyable. Regarding the facilities of the instructions center, they are really modern and practically new, with a large administrative complex located in the city of Bogotá. It really was a very complete 40-day course to complete, with comfortable and a flexible schedule. Speaking of the Airbus A320 category D simulator, it is equipped with the latest technologies in commercial aviation, which allows the user to adapt perfectly with ease in simulation training of the Pro-efficiency and recurring ones, which are currently being demanded by the Aeronautics and the commercial lines.

Cris Cerezo Auxiliar de vuelo Global Training Aviation GTA
Cris Cerezo, Auxiliar de vuelo en EVELOP
Curso de Auxiliar de vuelo de GTA

"Realizar el curso de TCP en GTA Madrid me permitió cumplir mi sueño y dedicarme a lo que siempre quise: volar."



a320 type rating
A320 type rating GTA Indonesia

"I was very lucky to get trained on Airbus A320 with GTA Indonesia.The entire journey was very wonderful at GTA. I wish to thanks all my instructor specially Jacobs and palleres for their great support during the whole training and the staff at GTA Indonesia was very cooperative and helpful specially miss Dewi who helped me with the issuance of visa till complete paper work. The whole process was super smooth. It was fun and learn experience with GTA."

ATR 600 type rating

"It has been 6 months since my training in Global Training Aviation, and from my own experience I attest that it was the most professional and complete training I could receive."

A320 FFS
A320 type rating GTA

"Unparalleled training and highly professional trainers. Courteous staff. GTA, you are missed!"

ATR600 type rating GTA Spain

“La mejor experiencia que he tenido de mano de los mejores instructores, gracias GTA”

A320 type rating GTA

“I had the finest learning experience at GTA Madrid. A great faculty with the best instructors always ready to help”

a320 type rating
A320 type rating GTA Spain

"GTA has been the best choice I made for my career. I had an amazing experience in and I learnt so much from all my instructors. Everyone in GTA are very kind and helpful  and of course Madrid is a beautiful city."