Do you have 1,000 hours on the A320?

Take your career to the next level and obtain your PTL license (ICAO - ATP).

Did you know that if you apply for the position of First Officer in International Airlines, several of them require a PTL license as part of their requirements, even without Operational Experience? That's why at GTA Colombia, we have designed the Upgrade course for you, who have at least 1,000 hours on the A320, so you can obtain your PTL license without Operational Experience.

We have a team of highly trained instructors and the most advanced Airbus 320 flight simulator in the Americas (located at our GTA Colombia headquarters in Bogotá) to offer you the best training.

Course workload:


  • 25 hours Classroom Instruction with Instructor
  • 10 Hours FBS SIM


  • 15 days CBT License
  • 7 Hours Classroom Instruction with Instructor
  • 7 Hours FFS, including 1 hr Briefing + 1 hr Debriefing
  • 2 Hours Final Check FFS with ED

Duration: 15 days to 1 month depending on Slot availability.


  • Have 1500 total hours and at least 1000 hours on the A320
  • ICAO level IV or higher Language Proficiency.
  • Valid Medical Certificate.
  • Valid PCA Proficiency.

Enroll now in our UPgrade Airbus 320 course and make your dreams come true!

32 h

Ground training

10 h

FBS training

9 h

FFS training

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