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Vibhu Bajaj

6 November 2023
Vibhu Bajaj
A320 DGCA India Type Rated at GTA Indonesia
I feel honored to be a part of the GTA Rewards Program. My decision to go to GTA Jakarta ensured that I receive top class training and am able to achieve my dream of getting into an airline. Dewi at GTA Jakarta was the first person I spoke to from the company and she made the process as smooth as possible, providing me with all the necessary information so that I can start my training at the earliest. I would like to thank the whole team at GTA Jakarta for making sure that I face no unnecessary trouble during my training, 
Agung, thanks for accommodating us all in a tight schedule and Adi is an absolute genius with the DGCA documentation
All the instructors at GTA are extremely professional and are blessed with immense knowledge which they love to share. 
Lead by Capt Paco, the team of Capt Camarassa, Capt Claude, Capt Francissco and Capt Jose is the best you can find. They are pioneers of their profession and their experience was always available for us students to learn from.
And a special thanks to Capt Maui for pushing my limits and always being available for guidance in and out of the sim.
I had a great time at GTA Jakarta and would like to thank them for choosing me for this award. 
You can trust them with your training and they will esnure that your knowledge and skills are at par with what the airlines need.
Vibhu Bajaj
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