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In this initial stage of implementing virtual reality, we have included pre- A320 VPT sessions at no additional cost to our students.

This way, the student will be able to make the most of the VPT sessions, doubling the training hours in procedures.

The first session is conducted with an instructor who teaches the usage of virtual technology. Subsequent sessions will be carried out independently by the students just before their corresponding VPT session with an instructor. Our maintenance team (available 24/7) will always be on hand to address any queries or issues.

Our A320 cockpit VR procedure trainer is centered around an accurately modelled 3D model of the A320 cockpit. The cockpit responds and behaves like the real aircraft (including sounds, lights, screens etc.) to provide the user with a realistic training environment.

VR flow for Airbus A320 is based on generic OEM procedures. The procedures available include the following Normal Procedures and Memory Items:

Normal Procedures:

  •     Preliminary Cockpit Preparation
  •     Cockpit Preparation
  •     FMGS Preparation
  •     Before Pushback and Before Start and Pushback
  •     Engine Start and After Start
  •     Taxi
  •     Before Takeoff
  •     Takeoff and After Takeoff
  •     Climb
  •     Cruise
  •     Descent Preparation
  •     Descent
  •     Aircraft Configuration for Approach
  •     After Landing
  •     Parking
  •     Securing Aircraft

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