Yashika Singhal  A320 DGCA India

Yashika Singhal

7 December 2023
Yashika Singhal
A320 DGCA India pilot Type Rated at Global Training Aviation (GTA Colombia)

Yashika is one of the 20 winning pilots of the 'GTA Rewards program' of €1000.
My experience at GTA Colombia was truly exceptional.
The staff was exceedingly helpful, and the instructors were remarkable. They fostered a welcoming environment while teaching, and incorporating innovative techniques made the entire course both enjoyable and informative. The knowledge gained at GTA proves valuable in my role at Indian Airlines, as numerous instructors boast experience with the airline, readily sharing their insights.
Yashika a320 gta colombia
The instructors were unwaveringly committed to molding us into proficient pilots; our dedication at 100% was met with their own at 200%. Even after completing the course, contacting any of my instructors guarantees a thorough clarification of doubts with boundless enthusiasm. Through exposure to various instructors and their diverse teaching methods, we were thoroughly prepared for line flying, navigating daily collaborations with different captains. The preparation extended beyond routine flight operations, encompassing readiness for any conceivable challenge. Expressing gratitude seems insufficient for the profound impact GTA and its team have had on my standing. They truly stand out as the best!"
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