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13 Junio 2023

The Airbus A-320 digital procedures trainer (DPT A-320/ CM-D07-1) is a sophisticated training tool designed to provide comprehensive instruction on the standard cockpit procedures of the AIRBUS A-320 aircraft. It offers a realistic simulation of the sensations and dimensions experienced by flight crews, ensuring that trainees internalize knowledge effectively and respond well when they transition to full flight simulators. By minimizing the margin of difference between the trainer and the actual aircraft, it contributes to excellent training outcomes and enhances cabin resource management (MRM) and aviation safety.

Let's take a closer look at the technical characteristics that make the Airbus A-320F digital procedures trainer (DPT-A320F/ CM-D07-2) stand out:

  1. The trainer features a modular structure that replicates the cabin environment of the AIRBUS 320 aircraft. It is constructed with high-quality aluminum treated for anti-corrosion and durability. The upholstery and long cycles of use ensure reliability.
  2. The trainer can be powered through a removable safety connection, operating at 115V +/-10V and 60Hz
  3. For easy interconnection of modules, the trainer utilizes military-type single position quick connect connectors.
  4. The high-traffic open frame full HD multi-touch touch screens used in the trainer exceed the impact resistance requirements, providing reliable performance. They also hold Energy Star 7.0 certification.
  5. The trainer incorporates high definition 2D graphics, presenting the various devices on the panels (buttons, knobs, switches, guards) in a visually pleasing manner. This facilitates interaction and engagement during training.
  6. The panels and commands are made of high-durability aluminum and composite materials, with built-in backlighting for better visibility.
  7. The ergonomic aeronautical seats, while not included in the pack, offer mechanical distance and height control relative to the EFIS. They also feature adjustable backrest inclination, folding and adjustable arms, and 5-point seat belts.
  8. The trainer includes a side stick that provides resistance, simulating the maneuverability of the aircraft.
  9. Resilient feel pedals are incorporated into the trainer to simulate realistic flight conditions.
  10. Key cockpit controls such as the parking brake, speed brake, flaps control, rudder trim, throttle quadrant, FCU, and MCDU are equipped with integrated hardware that ensures an immersive experience with realistic cockpit sensations.
  11. The trainer features a software built-in test system for easy initialization.
  12. A quick start system is provided, enabling efficient and time-saving startup procedures.
  13. The Windows file system preservation software ensures a clean and repeatable logon experience.
  14. The trainer boasts a high response speed, approximately 60 FPS, enabling smooth interaction with the system and its impact on the simulated aircraft operation.
  15. Full HD screens are used to visualize the external environment of the cabin, providing trainees with a realistic view of their surroundings.
  16. The network connection port is only enabled by software, allowing for remote system maintenance or upgrades.
  17. Cabin sound is always enabled, creating an immersive training environment, while external sounds can be optionally included.
  18. The simulation software, X-PLANE 11, is based on the Windows operating system.
  19. The trainer incorporates a comprehensive database with registrations of air terminals worldwide, enhancing the realism and accuracy of training scenarios.
  20. An interactive simulation control system enables trainees to exercise control over weight and balance functions, ground support services, fault simulation, air-ground configurations, and other customizable settings.
  21. The trainer is equipped with an Intel CORE Master Computer with 8 GB RAM and a 1TB SSD HDD. It runs on the X64 Windows 10 OS and features a powerful 3080 24GB GDDR6 graphics card. Additionally
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